Hi. I am James Morris, owner of Back in Time Antiques, LLC. located in the heart of downtown Bishop, Georgia.  I have been collecting and selling antiques and vintage items for over 45 years. Vintage and antique items are obtained from many different parts of the United States including the Northeast, Central U.S. and the South West. However, I primarily purchase items from the Southeast and Georgia.


It is fascinating to see the high quality craftsmanship our ancestors used constructing functional furniture that can still be used today. Much of it is a work of art that can decorate our homes----it is just awesome.


The tools our forefathers created to make their work easier are also fascinating. To me, the pride and workmanship that was used to build these tools is beyond belief. It's no wonder many of them have not only survived, but are still perfectly functional.


Pottery and kitchen items that were used by our ancestors who may have lived before the Civil war are living history, still in use today. It's thrilling to handle something that may have been used at the Battle of Gettysburg or at Andersonville Prison.


My favorite items are cast iron cookware.  These utensils are a healthy source of iron for our diet. They give an awesome flavor to food cooked in them and hold their heat longer than other cookware.  Properly seasoned cast iron even prevents food from sticking to it.


I look forward to your visit to Back In Time Antiques LLC, where you will find a large selection of vintage, collectible, and functional merchandise—and a piece of history.